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The CougCenter Cougar Football Video Project

Help us crowdsource a library of Cougar football-related videos.

Yeah, we're pretty excited about this project, too, Wade.
Yeah, we're pretty excited about this project, too, Wade.
William Mancebo

The other night, I stumbled on to a re-airing of the New Mexico Bowl on ESPNU. It was just about halftime, which means I'd already missed most of the good stuff, but I found myself watching anyway.* Why? Because I'm kind of dying for football, that's why.

*No, I did not watch it until the end.

Which got me thinking about watching more games, which caused me to head into my DVR's files to see which games I've got from last season. (Turns out I've got most of them.)

Then a couple of nights ago, I stumbled onto a re-airing of the 2001 All-Star Game on Fox Sports 1. It was at Safeco Field, I was there, and I was stunned at how little I remembered about that game. For example, I really had no recollection of Derek Jeter and Magglio Ordonez hitting back-to-back homers late in the game. You'd think I'd remember that.

Anyway, that got me thinking about Cougar games over the years that I've watched but don't remember anymore, and maybe even games that I never watched because I wasn't a Coug yet, i.e. pre-1995. And I thought to myself, "Surely there are a lot of games floating around on YouTube or other video providers that I could watch!"

This is where you come in. I'd like to make an enormous publicly available playlist of Cougar football-related videos, and I'd like to crowdsource it, as I figure many of you probably already have a lot of this stuff bookmarked. I'm particularly interested in full games (or substantial portions of games), but I'll also cull together highlight packages, hype videos or even just clips of memorable plays.

If you've got a video you'd like to submit, please do so using the form embedded below - that will be easiest for me to organize later. If a question isn't relevant to your type of video, just leave the answer blank. But if you can't get that to work, pasting the link into a comment at the bottom will be fine, too.

You can track what's been submitted at the bottom of the page so that we can try and avoid duplicates, or you can click here to open the spreadsheet in its own window, which is easier to read. Let's do this so that we have plenty to watch between now and August 30! I started us off with a couple of my favorites.