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Reaction to Tyler Bruggman transferring

Tyler Bruggman is transferring and the sky is falling. Not really, but a lot of people are talking about it.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When a random player transfers in July, it might move the needle a little bit. When a former 4-star quarterback transfers there is a bit more reaction. If you missed it over the weekend, Britton Ransford of WazzuWatch reported Tyler Bruggman is transferring from WSU.

The news didn't send the Internet into meltdown mode or anything close. But, for a Sunday in July with the World Cup final and other things happening, there was quite a bit of coverage and interest in the news. Let's round it all up.

To start things off, Jeff examined the current situation at quarterback with Bruggman no longer in the picture:

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it's totally fine that WSU now has nothing to show for its last three scholarships given to quarterbacks. The transfer of Apodaca ensured that in the event of an injury to Halliday in 2014, the Cougs will be trotting out a player with zero game experience, and the transfer of Bruggman now makes it very likely that there will only be two viable candidates to start in 2015: Falk, who will be a redshirt sophomore, and Peyton Bender, who will be a redshirt freshman.

This isn't ideal. But, again, it's not necessarily the end of the world ... IF Falk or Bender prove to be awesome.

Jeff also wrote up the news from Bruce Feldman that Bruggman received his release to transfer to Arkansas, Duke, Louisville and Indiana:

Besides the fact that Feldman is one of the best in the business, he co-wrote "Swing Your Sword" with Mike Leach so you can probably put two and two together as to the reliability of Feldman's "sources." And while Arkansas, Duke, Louisville and Indiana might seem like an odd pool of schools for a high profile quarterback transfer, all but Louisville were reported to have offered Bruggman a scholarship in high school.

More Bruggmania:

Spanning the globe on a Sunday morning - SportsLink - - July 13, 2014
They weren't all that deep at the position to begin with – another backup, Austin Apodaca, transferred early this year – so another defection would leave only incoming freshman Peyton Bender as a recruited scholarship quarterback behind Halliday. Either he or well-regarded walk-on Luke Falk would have to serve as the Cougars' signal-caller if anything happened to Halliday.

Report: former four-star QB Tyler Bruggman leaving Wazzu | CollegeFootballTalk
Earlier this offseason, Austin Apodaca decided to transfer out of the Washington State football program. Sunday, it’s lather, rinse, repeat at the quarterback position for the Cougars. Reportedly.

QB Tyler Bruggman reportedly transferring from WSU | Spokane
WSU quarterback Tyler Bruggman will transfer according to a report last night from He becomes second Coug quarterback to depart from the team this offseason.

QB Bruggman apparently leaving WSU - - July 13, 2014
Redshirt freshman Tyler Bruggman, the first highly touted quarterback signed by Washington State football coach Mike Leach, is transferring, according to a report by’s Britton Ransford.

WSU four-star backup QB Tyler Bruggman to transfer | Cougar Football | The Seattle Times
Tyler Bruggman, a redshirt-freshman quarterback from Phoenix who was one of the highest-rated recruits of Mike Leach’s tenure at Washington State, is transferring out of the WSU program, according to the fan site


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8. Washington State (Aug. 28, Seattle): Speaking of spread offenses, coach Mike Leach is the guru of the "Air Raid" scheme responsible for Washington State's awakening from a decade-long slumber. Facing record-setting QB Connor Halliday would have been a nightmare for last season's Rutgers' secondary, but as a season-opener, it provides a strong measuring stick of progress.