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The new Martin Stadium turf is in

What do you think?

Cougar Football Project

After much anticipation and some misdirection, the new turf at Martin Stadium has been fully installed, complete with the long anticipated crimson end zones:

The shot at the top of the post is from the Cougar Football Project live webcam, while the shot in the embedded tweet clearly is from the top of the football operations building, giving you a good look at both ends of the turf.

Given the standard caveat that colors are not necessarily "true" on your computer monitor or phone screen, what do you think of the look? Like it?

Personally, I love it. Like some, I think that the Coug head logo in the middle of the field could stand to be a bit bigger, but otherwise, I think it looks incredibly sharp. Most underrated detail? The yard line numbers being in the Cougars' personalized typeface. Love that.

I also don't hate the fact that "Cougars" doesn't go all the way across the one end zone, as "Washington State" does on the other end. Bill Moos is trying to create a brand with a consistent look, and messing with the kerning of the word Cougars detracts from the consistency of the typeface. Keeping it simple was the way to go, I think.

Perhaps others disagree. Leave your thoughts below.