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44 days to Cougar Football: What are your favorite non-WSU uniforms?

You may or may not love WSU's uniforms, but what are your other college football favorites?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to discussing college football related things on the Internet, many of the most popular topics aren't related to the play on the field. Discussing WSU and playing a game in Seattle will without question generate more discussion than most things on the field. Uniforms are another popular topic.

WSU has had its current uniforms for a few seasons and opinions still seem relatively mixed. Some like them, some don't. Sweat stains are a problems, or so I'm told. Today, however, I don't want to focus on WSU's current threads and instead open the discussion to your favorite non-WSU uniforms in college football.

Maybe you like the classics and Penn State, USC, Alabma or another school is your favorite. Maybe you like the flash and prefer Oregon or Oklahoma State or Baylor. Maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Fonts, colors, combinations, piping, logos, there are a lot of factors involved.

If I was going to pick a favorite from another team, I think I would go with Florida State. I like the classic look and the color combination. The Seminoles unveiled new uniforms for 2014. The design around the neck and on the shoulders looks a bit odd to me, so FSU may not longer hold my top spot after this season.

Which other team has your favorite (or even least-favorite) uniforms?