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41 days to Cougar Football: Which Pac-12 player would you trade for?

Imagine trading is allowed in college football, which Pac-12 player would you want on WSU's roster?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the current pending litigation and overall direction of college athletics, there is a good chance change is on the way for the NCAA. The ability to trade players isn't going to be part of that change, but what if it was? To take it to an even further degree of outrageous, let's make up a rule that WSU gets some sort of trade exception for recent pain and suffering. The NCAA grants WSU the ability to trade for any player in the Pac-12, regardless of whether the other team agrees.

So in this hypothetical, which Pac-12 player would you trade for?

Marcus Mariota is regarded by many to be the top player in the Pac-12. If you trade for him, though, you are probably only getting one season from him and it's questionable how much of an upgrade he would be over Connor Halliday, especially in his first year running the Air Raid. Mariota is a better player, but you can likely make bigger improvements at other positions. Maybe you take a top offensive lineman or a top corner?

If I was given the general manager reigns I would trade for USC safety Su'a Cravens. Cravens is very Deone Bucannon like and would fill a big void at safety. Even better, Cravens is will only be a sophomore this season so I'm getting two years of him, at least. Snagging one of the top incoming freshmen might be an even better move if you're willing to take the risk of an unknown.

There are a number of ways you could go if you were put in the general manager spot. Which player would you add?