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Guaranteeing a WSU bowl victory...sort of

How optimistic are you about this season? Do you take a guaranteed bowl win, or do you bet that the Cougs will greatly exceed expectations?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As long as I can remember, I have been pessimistic when it comes to my sports teams. Growing up a fan of the Cougars, Seahawks and Mariners will do that to someone. I get the feeling that there are many amongst the CougCenter readership who are the same way. However, the last calendar year has shown fans of Northwest teams that nearly anything is possible. WSU exceeded preseason expectations and made a bowl game. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Even the perennially terrible Mariners have a really good shot at making the playoffs.

As the season grows closer, we're all getting excited about the potential for another step forward for the football team this year. We all know the reasons to be both bullish and bearish on the Cougs in 2014. There is a ton of skill position talent on one hand, yet rebuilds on the offensive line and in the secondary. The question is, how optimistic are you? If I could guarantee that WSU would go 6-6 this season, and top it off with a bowl win, would you take it? Or do you bet that they'll do even better, with the obvious downside being a 5-7 or worse season?

If I'm being honest, I'm taking 6-6 and a bowl win. While there is a lot to like about WSU's chances of going 7-5, or even maybe 8-4 this year (a stretch, I know), the Pac-12 schedule is still daunting, and we will need a few bounces to go our way. Give me a slight step forward heading into 2015. How about you?


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