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38 days to football: Pick your all-time WSU offense

Forget the All-Pac-12 or All-America teams, let's build an All-WSU historical team.

Rueben Mayes
Rueben Mayes
WSU Athletic Communications

July is the time for preseason all-conference and All-American teams. First-team All-American, third-team All-Pac-12 and so on. Those lists don't mean a whole lot, but they did get me thinking. What if you built an all-time All-WSU team, who would be on it?

A 22-man team would take a while to sort out, so instead we're going to start with the offense. Any player who played at WSU is eligible. You can limit it to a first-team or add second or even third teams if you're really feeling feisty. There is some flexibility in the positions, but for the sake of keeping things simple, here is a general layout.


You can move some of those positions around as you see fit. Five offensive lineman instead of two tackles, two guards and a center might be a necessary move. The list probably requires more consideration than I've given it, but for now this would be my All-WSU first-team offense.

QB - Drew Bledsoe

RB - Rueben Mayes

WR - Brandon Gibson

WR - Michael Bumpus

WR - Marquess Wilson

TE - Jed Collins

OT - Scott Sanderson

OG - Mike Utley

C - Mel Hein

OG - Derrick Roche

OL - Dan Lynch

My skill positions are skewed toward recent times and you could make strong arguments for probably a dozen or more receivers. Picking an offensive line was a major challenge. Hein is an obvious candidate considering he went on to a Hall of Fame career. The rest of my picks were largely built around players who earned accolades like first-team All-American.

That is my first-team All-WSU offense, what's yours?