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36 days to football: Pick your all-time WSU specialists

Time for kickers, punters and more!

WSU Athletic Communications

We've covered the all-time WSU offense. We also hit the all-time WSU defense. That leaves only the specialists. As Rich Eisen of the NFL Network likes to say, punters are people too and because of that, they and the other specialists get their own post. We're going to toss in return men and snappers, because why not?

Narrowing down the lists on offense and defense was a bit of a challenge. Special teams, at least for me, was much easier. As much as I enjoyed watching Andrew Furney kick the last four years, Jason Hanson was an easy pick for me. There are a few directions you can go with all five spots. Here is my best attempt.

Kicker - Jason Hanson

Punter - Kyle Basler

Punt returner - Michael Bumpus

Kick returner - Sammy Moore

Snapper - Zach Enyeart

Hanson was a lock at kicker. Kyle Basler won defensive MVP in the Holiday Bowl. When a punter wins defensive MVP, he's also a lock to make my list. A little bit of nostalgia probably impacted my return men. Bumpus and Moore may not have the best averages in WSU history, but their big returns stick out to me. Enyeart became a lock for this list when he creates a long-snapping trick shot video.

Who makes your all-time WSU specialist list?