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30 days until Cougar football: What 1 thing would you like to see in fall camp?

Fall camp is about to start, if you could guarantee one result, what would it be?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Like all college football teams, Washington State is about to open fall camp to prepare for the 2014 season. There are plenty of goals heading into camp. It would be great if the team stayed healthy, the offensive line gelled and the young secondary took a step forward.

WSU is a young and progressing team, so those are only a few areas of many that could use improvement. The obvious answer for one result from fall camp is for everyone to stay healthy. The second obvious answer is to "get better." For the sake of the discussion, let's take those out of the equation. What is the one thing or development you'd like to see happen during fall camp? Maybe it's something listed above, maybe it's something else entirely.

If I had to pick a single result, I'd go with Connor Halliday having a monster camp. I don't need to explain why quarterback is important. With WSU's apparent lack of depth, Halliday is even more important. He finished last season strong and building on that is really the key to WSU's season. I'd love to have every practice report include how Halliday shredded the defense that day. Seven million touchdowns and no interceptions, make it happen. The offensive line coming together and having a defined starting five heading into Rutgers would be a close No. 2.

Beyond the basics, what one development would you like to see happen during fall camp?