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29 days to Cougar football: Which incoming player are you most excited to see?

Washington State has a lot of solid veterans, but a few newcomers could also impress this season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the attention paid to recruiting, new players on the roster often open camp with a considerable amount of hype. By the time they take their first reps in practice, fans have already read multiple stories and watched multiple videos of their high school exploits.

In many cases, that hype diminishes quickly and they spend their freshman season buried on the depth chart. That isn't always the case, however, as River Cracraft and others have proven in recent seasons. WSU has a solid incoming class of freshman to go along with an intriguing group coming off redshirt seasons. We'll lump the two groups together for the discussion today

With so much youth on the roster and a number of freshman expected to compete for playing time, it's hard to pick just one. I'm very interested to see what Jamal Morrow does at running back. The same can be said for Ivan McLennan at BUCK linebacker. There are incoming offensive linemen projected to start despite -- both freshman and JUCO transfers coming off redshirt seasons -- and youth at wide receiver and in the secondary.

Forced to narrow it down to one incoming players/player coming of a redshirt season, I'm going with Charleston White. There are several I'm excited to see play, but I've been in the Charleston White fan club since he committed. I think he would be my pick as the best athlete on the team and while raw, I'm looking forward to seeing the flashes and seeing if he can establish himself opposite of Daquawn Brown.

Which incoming or redshirt are you most excited to watch?