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28 days to Cougar Football: What would you change about gameday at Martin Stadium?

The Cougars will host their first Pullman home game in six weeks, what do you like about the gameday experience in Martin Stadium and what would you change?

WSU Athletic Communications

The gameday experience in Martin Stadium has changed dramatically in recent years. The addition of the new press box and club seating created a new environment to watch the game from. There have also been some smaller scale changes, including the Cougar Pride Walk.

The opening of the football operations building will bring more change. WSU will enter the field from a new fancy tunnel and there will be the addition of the Crimzone seating. While the changes have improved the overall gameday experience at WSU, there is still room for improvement.

You've likely been to a game at Martin Stadium or two and maybe you have suggestions for a new tradition or a way to improve an existing aspect of gameday. Whether it's pre-game activities and events, player entrances, in-game aspects or something else. There's no guarantee commenting on a blog post will create any change, but posting a link to a random poll in a recent morning link post did lead to WSU having 6,000 more votes than any other school, so who knows.

What do you like about the gameday experience at Martin Stadium? What don't you like? What changes would you suggest?