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27 days to Cougar football: What would you ask Mike Leach in an AMA?

Mike Leach held an Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Friday, what one question would you ask him?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

For at least the third time since he became head coach at Washington State, Mike Leach participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. If you aren't familiar, an AMA is essentially an open Q&A where Reddit users ask questions and a person -- in this case Leach -- scrolls through and answers some of them.

Leach is a popular figure in college football, so there was an overload of questions. He answered a few, ranging from wanting to play a college football game in Europe or Australia to how the marijuana laws in Washington impact WSU's football team. You can find all of his answers here. A ctrl-f for MikeLeachAMA makes sorting through all the answers much easier. A few of you may have participated in the AMA and even had one of your questions answered. There were a lot of questions, however, and the vast majority went unanswered.

If you were guaranteed to have your question answered what would you have asked? The Reddit AMA forum allows for a bit more freedom than a press conference, so there aren't many restrictions on what would be an acceptable question. The best questions for Leach are always going to be relatively broad so he can just do his thing. If you box him into an answer, it get much less interesting.

I think if I was going to ask him anything, I'd want it to be a question that leads to a story. The challenge is leading to a story that's never been told. If you ask him the strangest interaction with a fan, there is a chance he'll dive into the story about getting sent pirate things while at Texas Tech. Instead, I would refine it a bit and ask what was his strangest experience -- or one that just sticks out -- while doing an in-home recruiting visit. There have to be some great stories there.

What one question would you ask Mike Leach in a Reddit AMA?