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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 20-16

We move into the top 20 of the countdown and I think Theron West just juked another CSU defender.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We've officially moved into the top 20 plays of 2013 with the latest installment counting us down to No. 16. The newest crop of plays includes maybe the best individual effort of the year.

No. 20 - Connor Halliday goes deep to Dom Williams


This play sticks out as one that finished higher than I expected. That's not to take away from Williams absolutely toasting a Southern Utah corner for the 55-yard score. Connor Halliday dropped the pass right in the bucket. That's one way to convert a 3rd and 18.

No. 19 - Xavier Cooper crushes Keith Price


It would have been really easy for Xavier Cooper to give up on this play. He was obviously held and likely saw the referee throw a flag. He could have shut it down knowing the play was coming back. Instead, he continued to hustle and ran Keith Price down for the sack and forced fumble.

No. 18 - Andrew Furney with the game-winner against USC


In college football 42-yard field goals are far from a given. The distance and pressure of booting a game-winner against USC didn't bother Andrew Furney. Not only did he make the kick, but he drilled it right down the middle and hit the net. That kick would have been good from at least 50 yards.

No. 17 - Damante Horton seals the victory against USC


Even after Furney put WSU on top, the defense needed to make a stop. USC had plenty of time and only needed a field goal to tie, but Damante Horton made sure that wasn't going to happen. The only real surprise is that he didn't somehow break free and return this for a touchdown.

No. 16 - Theron West gets jukey with it


When Connor Halliday dumped off this pass to Theron West, it didn't look like West had much of a chance to pick up the first down on 3rd and 3. His chances still looked slim even after juking the first defender. Then he avoided three more defenders with a pirouette of sorts and was into the open field. No. 40 came back in for a second missed tackle on the play and West went down the sideline for the first down. Five defenders missed and West may have taken it all the way if not for the sideline.

The countdown continues tomorrow with one of the biggest hits of the year ...