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WSU's top plays of 2013: 15-11

We break into the top 15 plays of the year with a couple of very large individuals making the countdown.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were 15. We're starting to get into the cream of the crop of the top 50 plays of 2013. The skill position players have dominated the countdown thus far but the defensive front seven has it's day today, taking three of the five spots in the countdown. That may include a very large man scoring a touchdown.

No. 15 - Darryl Monroe ditches a block and crushes a RB


An offensive lineman vs. a linebacker is supposed to be an advantage for the offense. Darryl Monroe was having none of it against USC, ditching the block attempt and crushing the Trojan running back all in one swoop. That hit was probably the best non-Bucannon hit of the year. The offensive linemen getting frustrated at getting whipped is icing on the cake.

No. 14 - Stanford can't tackle Gabe Marks


If this countdown has taught me anything, its that WSU should throw Gabe Marks more slants. He's already made the countdown twice for breaking away from Idaho and ASU and taking it to the house. Now he's back again for this okie-doke on Stanford. That's a very Percy Harvin like hesitation move to drop the corner. Poor No. 22 got all turned around then got lit up by a block from River Cracraft.

No. 13 - Gabe Marks with the absurd sideline catch


We know what Marks can do in the open field, but he's more than just a quick slant and run guy. This catch against California was one of the catches of the year. WSU had no business picking up this 3rd and 11 but not only did Marks go up to haul in the pass, he managed to get a body part down in bounds despite being pressed up against the sideline.

No. 12 - Toni Pole blocks USC's field goal


The outcome of WSU's game against USC and possibly the entire season may have been a lot different had Toni Pole not blocked this field goal. There is not saying if the kick would have been good or not, but Pole didn't leave it up to chance. Blocked field goals are great, but blocked field goals where the defender emphatically swats the ball down are even better. Not today, not in my house.



Fat guy touchdowns are a unique treasure in football. It's been a while since we've had a WSU edition, but Xavier Cooper changed that last year. A lot of players would have just fallen on the fumble or tripped shortly after picking it up. Cooper managed to keep his feet and Pole cleared the way for the touchdown by taking about a pair of Ducks with one block. Credit to Kache Palacio for creating the opportunity with the sack and forced fumble. WSU's response on Twitter was also fantastic.

We'll break into the top 10 on Friday.