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WSU football RB history, in interactive graphic form

Take a look at WSU's all-time stats for running backs to see who was most productive with each touch, most likely to score per touch, and then take a crack at that age-old question: Who was the best to do it in Crimson?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Today we're taking a look at WSU's all-time running back stats.

The first view looks at yards per carry by yards per reception, and the color of each mark is their total touches during their career.  As offenses change and running backs get more involved in the passing game, I thought this would be an interesting look at who was most productive with each touch.  Use the filters on the right to adjust carries, receptions, total touches and average yards per touch.

The exciting thing for the 2014 Cougs is that Marcus Mason and Teondray Caldwell have slightly higher yards per carry than a couple of all-time great Cougs, Michael Black and Steve Broussard.  Hopefully with the Air Raid we'll see them (or the guys who might have passed them on the depth chart) increase their yards per reception to get closer to the production level of those two backs.

The next views take a look at all-time stats.  Rueben Mayes tends to be the go to pick for "best ever" at WSU and deservedly so (exhibit A).  He is the all-time leading rusher by a large margin and that record is unlikely to be challenged as long as Mike Leach is our coach.  However, I think a strong case can be made for Steve Broussard.  They're equal in yards per touch, but Broussard is far and away most productive in the receiving game, had 40 career touchdowns (to Mayes' 26) and was almost 2% more likely to score than Mayes.

Lastly is a look at touchdown percentage (of all touches, what percent were touchdowns) by yards per touch.  He didn't touch the ball often, but Jeremiah Laufasa was a touchdown god when he did.

Thanks for reading, Go Cougs and who do you think was the best ever running back to don the Crimson and Gray?