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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 10 through 6

And then there were 10.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first 40 plays have been counted down, leaving just 10 remaining in our countdown of WSU's top 50 plays from 2013. Wide receivers have ruled the countdown thus far and it's a clean sweep for the receivers today. The voting worked out where Isiah Myers, Vince Mayle and Dom Williams combined to claim spots 10 through six.

No. 10 - Isiah Myers says "get off me" to a Cal defender


When it comes to stiff arms, you won't see very many better than this one. That Cal is all over the quick pass to the outside and it looks like he is going to wrap up Isiah Myers for a short gain. Then Myers delivers a Marshawn Lynch-like stiff arm and plants him on the turf. He doesn't just shake him off, he straight puts him on his back. Even better, Myers broke free for a big gain.

No. 9 - Isiah Myers scores the winning touchdown against Arizona


It wasn't just Cal defenders who had trouble tackling Myers last season. Arizona wasn't able to stop him late in the game in Tucson. The completion from Connor Halliday was good enough to pick up the first down on 3rd and 4. Myers capped it off by braking a tackle and taking it all the way.

No. 8 - Dom Williams seals the win against Utah


The Utes had cut WSU's lead to 43-37 earlier in the fourth quarter. WSU needed points, any points, or it risked giving the ball back and staring down a 44-43 loss. The Cougars faced a 3rd and 7 with the chances of a bowl bid seemingly dropping by the second. Dom Williams cured the uneasy feeling in Cougar fans' stomach. Connor Halliday put it right on the numbers and Williams did the rest, having just enough to outrace the Utah defense and seal the game.

No. 7 - A juggling touchdown by Dom Williams


Williams had a huge game against Utah, catching five passes for 154 yards and two touchdowns. His last TD sealed the game, but his first may have been just as important. Had he not hauled in this juggling catch over the top of a defender on third down, the Cougars may have been forced to settle for a field goal, making it only an eight-point margin at the end. Williams did a tremendous job of securing the ball quickly and tapping a foot in bounds before his momentum took him out of the endzone.

No. 6 - Vince Mayle, bulldozer


The Cougar receivers were not very nice to Bear defenders. Unless you consider planting them on the turf to be nice. First Myers stiff-armed one to the ground, then Mayle dumptrucked another. Note to safeties of the Pac-12, if you are thinking about trying to tackle Vince Mayle high, you may want to reconsider. I'm still not sure how No. 20 didn't manage to bring Mayle down, it appeared he was going to shoestring him the entire time. Instead he went for the strip and ate turf ... again.

The countdown will wrap on Monday with the final five. Which plays do you think make up the top 5?