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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 45 through 41

Southern Utah ended up on the wrong side of this portion of the countdown.

The top plays of 2013 countdown continues. Dom Williams, Damante Horton and Deone Bucannon all made appearances in the No. 50 through No. 46 portion of the countdown and all three are back again today. It won't be the last time they make an appearance either.

More from the top 50: Nos. 50-46

No. 45 - Halliday goes deep to Dom Williams


Connor Halliday lived up to his f*** it go deep reputation early last season when despite having a 3rd and 2 and an open receiver in the middle for a first down, Halliday wen't for it all to Dom Williams. Williams hauled it in, and kept his feet for the first home touchdown of the season.

No. 44 - Damante Horton to the house against Southern Utah


Make that back-to-back plays against Southern Utah in the countdown. Horton's pick-6 against Utah checked in at No. 49 and apparently this one is a few spots better. Probably for the running ref, way to bust it down the sideline.

No. 43 - Dom Williams wins tug-o-war for a long reception


This ball could have easily ended up in an interception as both Williams and the Utah defender had hands on the ball. Williams won the wrestling match to the ground and came away with the long reception on 2nd and 18. The catch kept the drive alive which eventually ended in a touchdown.

No. 42 - Deone Bucannon picks off SUU


This portion of the countdown has not been very kind to Southern Utah. Thanks for coming to Pullman, Thunderbirds. Fun fact about this interception. On the play before, Kache Palacio intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown. The play, however, was negated by a penalty on Bucannon. He made up for it by getting the ball on the very next play.

No. 41 - Anthony Carpenter seals the win against Arizona


The win against Arizona didn't come without some nerve-wracking final moments. The game came down to a final play on fourth down with the clock expiring. Arizona had five wide receivers on the field and B.J. Denker had plenty of time to throw. Carpenter ended up one-on-one in the endzone, but made sure there was no way his man was coming down with the ball in bounds. Style points for immediately transitioning into the celebration.

No. 40 through No. 36 coming up tomorrow.