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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 40 through 36

A couple nice catches and one of the better garbage-time touchdowns of the year highlight the latest installment of the top play countdown.

We're getting close to the point of the countdown where all of the plays are really good and really meaningful. We're not quite there yet, however, with today's portion of the countdown featuring a couple of plays that happened in blowouts.

No. 40 - Daquawn Brown snags an interception


This is one of a few plays that ended up ranking higher than I expected it would be. The interception is nice and it's a good catch by Brown, but the 40th best play of the year? The juke after is even better. I'm not even sure that Cal player actually touched Brown. Maybe the coaching staff should consider putting Brown on punt return.

No. 39 - Austin Apodaca with his Johnny Manziel impersonation


This play looks better without the context.  WSU was trailing 55-10 with less than a minute to play when this occurred. Without the context, it's Austin Apodaca looking a lot like Johnny Football. I really Joe Dahl's role in this play. After crashing into Apodaca during the scramble, he recovers by turning around and planting a defender on the ground. Nice work by Rickey Galvin on the scramble drill.

No. 38 - Jeremiah Laufasa bowls through Auburn


In 2012, WSU could barely run the ball to save its life. So naturally, the Cougars' first touchdown of the 2013 season came on the ground. Not only did Jeremiah Laufasa carry in the first touchdown of the year, but he did it by running through a couple Auburn defenders. The defender meets Laufasa at the 3-yard line, but the running back -- with some help from the offensive line -- pushes through and in.

No. 37 - River Cracraft snags a sliding touchdown


Cracraft probably makes this play look easier than it actually was. He has to adjust the depth of his route, keep his balance, haul in the ball over his shoulder and maintain the catch while coming down quickly to stay in bounds. He had to do it all while knowing it was fourth down and if everything doesn't happen perfectly, it's a turnover.

No. 36 - Rickey Galvin goes over the shoulder


Rickey Galvin sees your sliding touchdown against Oregon, River Cracraft and raises you a sliding touchdown against Washington. Galvin didn't have to adjust his feet as much as Cracraft, but did have to make his grab with a defender all over him. He hauled in the perfect pass and held on despite the best efforts from the UW defensive back.

Nos. 35-31 coming tomorrow with a double dose of Deone Bucannon.