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21 days to Cougar football: Who would you add to the Pac-12?

If realignment continued, which teams would you like to see join the Pac-12?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about power conferences. The current state of college football features the five power conferences and then everyone else. If that direction continues, there could be a time where realignment becomes a major discussion again.

If that happens, how many and which teams would you like to see in the Pac-12?

The Pac-12 has a few requirements that have kept some teams from the discussion. Equal revenue sharing is the current policy and I can't imagine a few schools -- including WSU -- giving that up without a major fight. That may put Texas, once thought to be a Pac-16 target, out of the running. Would the Longhorns want to leave the Big 12 and share all that revenue from the Longhorn Network? Probably not. BYU would make a lot of sense, but there is some Pac-12 opposition against adding a school with religious affiliations, so that may not be an option. There are also some academic requirements in play.

I'm not sure there is really a natural or logical addition. If the Oklahoma Schools, Texas and one more wanted to leave the Big 12, you could form an interesting Pac-12 16 with East and West divisions. That seems highly unlikely, however. If expansion was coming, the top two teams on my list would be Nevada and San Diego State. Both add decent programs and Nevada would bring a bigger television market than some of the alternatives. I would greatly prefer sticking at 12, unless the option to go to 16 with the previously mentioned Big 12 schools was an option.

If realignment was again a possibility, what move would you like to see the Pac-12 make?