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Popcorn guy the documentary coming to a TV near you (not really)

"What if I told you that the difference between fan and legend is one kernel away."

Popcorn guy. Without any other description, WSU fans and most of the college football loving masses probably have an immediate recollection of who that is. With star power that rivals any of the biggest celebrities in the world, it was only a matter of time before popcorn guy's story was told.

After nearly a year of media outlets chasing the story, it appears the eagle has finally landed. ESPN and its excellent documentary series "30 for 30" stumbled upon a breakthrough and finally we'll get to know popcorn guy. Why did he decide to down the entire bag at once? How long did it take to perfect the pouring technique? Has he had popcorn since? These are all questions we need answers to. You can watch the highly-anticipated trailer above. I think we can say without question this will be the biggest television event of the year.

Now on one hand, the trailer is obviously a joke and we will not be blessed with an actual documentary on the popcorn guy. On the other, Joey Galloway makes an appearance in the trailer. So there is that.

The search for the story of popcorn guy continues. One day ...