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NFL Draft 2015: Checking in on Vince Mayle at the Senior Bowl

What did the NFL Draft scouts and talking heads think of Mayle's day 1 performance?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Mayle and many of the top senior prospects for this year's NFL Draft kicked off Senior Bowl festivities yesterday by stepping up to the stage and stripping down to be measured and examined by scouts and the twitterverse before their first practice.

Unlike Deone Bucannon in last year's Senior Bowl, Mayle checked in about an inch shorter than his listed height that WSU posts in the media guide, although the weight was spot on:

It appears that the Jason Loscalzo's strength and conditioning program paid off for Mayle in the same way it did for Bucannon, as several folks were impressed with his physique, saying that Mayle passes the eye test for an NFL receiver.

However, impressions were mixed on his measurements as his arm length and hand size came in a little below ideal for the WR position.

Interestingly enough, Mayle compares favorably to some of the pre-draft measurements of current Seattle Seahawks receiver and 2014 Senior Bowl MVP Kevin NorwoodBoth check in at 6-2, but Mayle is 21 pounds heavier than Norwood, with similar arm length, but much smaller hands (10 vs 9 inches).

A few of us were emailing while the measurements were being posted and Jeff Nusser brought up an interesting point: If his hands weren't on the small side, his drops this year would likely be chalked up to focus or some other ambiguous factor; Mayle is currently projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round, but if the narrative gets going that the drops this year were due to small hands, it could cause Mayle to slip to the later rounds.

The conversation reminded me of another Seattle Seahawk who had to deal with the dropsies narrative while in college: Jermaine Kearse.

Mayle compares well to the measurements of Kearse, with near identical arm length and hand size.

Fortunately for Mayle, once practice started he shined, getting compliments from Mike Mayock and some twitter love from several journalists covering the first practice.

Mayle's stellar day one performance could be credited to his hard work and plethora of football skills, or my other theory, the fact that he went with the white Coug helmet.

You can tune in to the NFL Network on January 24th to watch Mayle compete for Team North. He'll be wearing number 15.