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Senior Bowl 2015: Vince Mayle has a quiet day

The former WSU receiver didn't get a lot of opportunities, but he did well when the ball was thrown his way.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Former WSU wide receiver Vince Mayle, hoping to increase his NFL Draft stock, was only able to pull in a pair of catches for 33 yards in the 2015 Senior Bowl on Saturday.

He was targeted sparingly by quarterbacks Bryce Petty, Sean Mannion and Shane Carden, but Mayle was able to add a 3-yard gain on a reverse.

That's not to say that Mayle didn't look pretty good in his limited opportunities, because he did. One of the knocks on Mayle heading into the game was that perhaps his hands were a tad small, but that didn't seem to be a problem on this catch, where he uses that considerable size to sheild the defender and snatch the ball for a third down conversion:

Vince Mayle Senior Bowl

Mayle's other catch came on a scramble drill where he was able to make his way across the field to haul in a 27-yard reception from Petty:

Vince Mayle Senior Bowl

Vince Mayle Senior Bowl

Mayle also got a chance to show his speed by carrying the ball on a reverse, but Mannion -- who targeted tight ends and running backs on the bulk of his throws -- didn't exactly cover himself in glory. Still Mayle made a man miss and broke an ankle tackle to pick up positive yards:

Vince Mayle Senior Bowl

Despite the limited opportunities to show off, Mayle impressed NFL Network scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Mike Mayock.

"I think Mayle's had a nice week out of Washington State - I know Mike liked him on tape as well," Jeremiah said on the broadcast. "He only lined up on one side of the field (at WSU), so this is all new for him this week. He's done a nice job.

"That's that Mike Leach system. He believes in repetition - you do the same things from the same positions and you get better results. So his receivers -- he'll have a slot that lines up to the left, and a receiver that lines up to the left. They play the same side every single game. This week, running routes from the other side of the field is a little something new for him."

No word yet on what the week's practices and the game have done for Mayle's draft stock, but it's hard to imagine he's done anything but help it. Now, he begins training for his pro day in earnest -- that will be at WSU in March.