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Manny Diaz visited with Mike Leach regarding WSU, per FootballScoop

If he's WSU's target, it sounds like Leach might have competition from Mississippi State.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We joked about WSU presumed pursuit of Louisiana Tech defensive coordinator Manny Diaz the other day, but it appears there actually are legs to this one: The normally reliable and typically tuned-in FootballScoop mentioned in a tweet that it's believed Diaz had a meeting with Mike Leach "recently."

For a search that athletics director Bill Moos indicated would be over quickly, this quest to replace the fired Mike Breske has dragged on for a spectacularly long period of time. If Diaz was/is the target, that would explain some of the time this has taken, as Diaz's Bulldogs didn't finish their season until December 26.

Then again, Diaz has been done with his season since December 26, and he's still not WSU's defensive coordinator. Could he be headed back to Mississippi State, where he was defensive coordinator in 2010, as indicated by the tweet? The Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi, is reporting that Diaz will interview with MSU coach Dan Mullen as early as Monday.

This smells a lot like a guy seeing where the carousel stops. Having been the defensive coordinator at Mississippi State, Texas and Louisiana Tech just in the last five seasons, Diaz knows the drill and probably is waiting to see how all the jobs shake out. MSU certainly is a more desirable job, and it's no shocker that Diaz wouldn't simply jump at the first offer, if WSU actually did offer.

Stay tuned, I suppose.