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WSU football debuts new white helmet vs. Colorado

Numbers on the side!

Earlier this week, WSU announced it was going to wear the white helmet/crimson jersey/white pants combination for its final home game of the year, versus Colorado. It's a combination that's only been used one other time, and had not been used at all this year.

Tonight, the Cougars revealed a twist:

Early reaction to the helmets on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive, and it looks like the shift went over well in the locker room, as well.

You'll notice that the original tweet included the hashtag #honorthepast; according to this helmet-tracking site, WSU wore white helmets with crimson numbers from 1956-59 and from 1962-63. Here they are back in '56 ... if you can make out the numbers:

Personally, I love the look, although I might have loved it more if they'd put the logo on one side. I know that some long for the days of a standard look, but I think one of the fun things about this era of college football is the experimenting with uniforms -- at least, when you can still figure out which school is wearing the uniforms. I think this accomplishes that.

Go Cougs!