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Interactive WSU spring football preview: The Offense

The battle for the starting QB job will take center stage, but could there be more to get sorted out in the receiving corps this spring?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s spring on the Palouse and as the wheat begins to sprout grow again, so to do the position battles that come with spring practice. After graduating the most accurate passer in WSU history in Connor Halliday and the wide receiver with the single season records for catches and receiving yards in Vince Mayle, there are more than a few question marks heading into this year’s slate of practices.

Many have voiced interest in the QB competition that will take place between Luke Falk, Peyton Bender and possibly Tyler Hilinski.  Finding out who lands the starting role by the Spring game will be fun to watch, but I am most interested in the wide receiving corps.

Mike Leach and Graham Harrell have to replace their top two outside receivers in Mayle and Isiah Myers, who accounted for 43% of the receiving yards in 2014.  I’m confident that the Cougs can replace the yardage, as the offense has improved each year under Leach, but I’m curious to see who is going to replace the explosive receptions that the dynamic senior duo produced.

They accounted for an even larger percentage of the long receptions WSU produced in 2014, taking care of 58 percent of the catches over 25 yards. I’m looking forward to seeing if the re-introduction of Gabe Marks can help shoulder the burden of popping big plays with Dom Williams. Marks had seven catches over 25 yards in 2013 and moved the chains on 38 of his 74 receptions.  Hopefully he and some of the new blood can help WSU retain a top 10 position in this category nationally in 2015.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing Jamal Morrow and how he performs this Spring. Of players returning in 2015, he is the top producer in yards from scrimmage.  With another year of the offensive line gelling and another year in the Air Raid, I hope to see him increase his production and take pressure off of whoever will be lining up next to him at QB.

Who are you looking to see have a breakout Spring on offense?   What are you hoping to see get worked out by the offense come April 25th at the Spring Game?

I included a lot of different categories in the "Select Category" menu; you can look at the production from rushing and receiving yards, first down receptions, yards from scrimmage and touchdowns.  Play around with the filters and drop any thoughts or insights in the comments.  The preview of the defense will be up tomorrow.

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