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What was WSU's worst loss in 2014?

William Mancebo/Getty Images

When cruising around the Internet searching for the latest WSU news nuggets, I found a link from SB Nation's Utah site Block U titled "The worst loss of the 2014 Utah football season was..." Considering that popped up while I was searching for Washington State news, I had a feeling what their answer was. It's true, the Utah fans consider WSU's 28-27 road victory the worst loss for the Utes last season.

That got me to thinking which of WSU's losses I would consider the worst. Then, looking back on the schedule I realized that was a difficult and painful thought exercise. Well, I was already committed to this post, so now everyone gets to suffer with me.

Week 1: Oh it's obviously the Rutgers loss, that was a killer.

Week 2: Nope, a lackluster performance against a mediocre Nevada team was worse.

Week 4: That close loss to No. 2 Oregon was just brutal. It was pass interference!

Week 6: The Cal game. 19-yard field goals. 19 freaking yard field goals.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

It really is a difficult question to answer because 2014 was a season of rough losses. There were home losses, road losses, close losses, blowout losses, blown leads, missed field goals and about every other possible scenario you can think of. While it was all terrible to experience as a WSU fan, the level of futility is remarkable from an outside perspective. WSU missed a 19-yard field goal to lose 60-59 on a night when its QB set the NCAA single-game passing record and you could make a legitimate argument it wasn't the worst loss of the year. If there were a college football playoff for brutal losses, we'd be all over that.

WSU, losing at a championship level since ___. Print the shirts.

Maybe if we talk about it one last time it will exorcise all of the demons. Then we can delete the video files of the losses AND empty the recycle bin for good measure.