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WSU vs. Wyoming football: Baxter and D'fer's Beer of the Game

Two dogs, one beer.

So much awesome.
So much awesome.

Baxter is back this week, so we have beer instead of non-drinkable things that will probably kill you. Baxter also brought a friend, and his name is D'fer. That is D for Dog. He is an awesome Jack Russell (not the Wisconsin kicker, the dog breed) who is great, just like Baxter is great.

These two great, awesome guys helped me pick out a beer this week. And by help me pick it out, I mean they posed briefly between fighting over tennis balls near the beer I chose.

What is the beer? It is Anchorage Galaxy White IPA. I am here to tell you that Anchorage Brewing, from Anchorage, Alaska, is one of the best damn breweries in the United States of America, especially if you like the yeast strain know as Brettanomyces, or "Brett" for short. The yeast gives funky flavors--ranging from barnyard (in a good way) to tartness depending on the age of the bottle.

Many of Anchorage's beers are aged in foudres and conditioned with Brett, as well as other "wild" yeast strains. While many breweries are full of steel fermentation tanks, this is Anchorage, full of oak foudres:


In fact, Anchorage is so flush with foudres that Holy Mountain Brewing of Seattle purchased a damaged one from the Alaska outfit, which they will certainly use to make amazing beer (Holy Mountain rules you should try their beer but not too much of it because I like it and it is already hard to get).

Many of Anchorage's beers age in these oak tanks for a year or more, but Galaxy White IPA is younger, and that's why it is their flagship brew. You can find it in finer beer stores in the PNW (and nationally, because the brewery is distributed by Shelton Brothers).

Craig's Review: This beer combines two of my favorite beer things right now: Galaxy hops and brett. It is tropical (from the Galaxy) and funky with a little tart from the Brett. You should drink this beer, and you just might if I am around you when I open it in the tailgates today.

Baxter's Review: Tennis Ball

D'fer's Review: Tennis Ball

That's what we'll be having on Saturday, what will you be enjoying?