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WSU vs. Portland State football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter is back in the PNW, so he might actually have a beer you can find!

Football is back. But more importantly, the Internet's most adorable beer reviewer is also back. Baxter and his underbite are ready for the season to begin, and ready to enjoy some fine craft beer as it unfolds.

Since starting this column, Baxter has featured a number of delicious East Coast beers because those were available where he lived. Unfortunately, many of you loyal readers did not have access to these beverages.

But Baxter and I are finally back in the Pacific Northwest for the first football season since 2008. I didn't even write for CougCenter that year and Baxter was just eight days old when the Worst Pac-12/Pac-10 Football Game Ever Played ended in a Cougars' win. That was also my last game in Martin Stadium.

It just makes sense that Baxter would want to feature a Northwest beer this week. Perusing the beer store, it was a bit of challenge to avoid Portland breweries, but I managed to snag a Potomac Citra Pale Ale from Tacoma's Pacific Brewing and Malting Company.

Citra is one of the best hops, and might he the strongest variety to feature in a single-hop beer. It is highly versatile, with enough alpha acid to balance the malt, but plenty of wonderful citrus aromas to work as a flavor and aroma hop.

Craig's Review

Potomac Citra Pale is not as light-bodied as you might expect from a beer of its style, and checks in a near-IPA-level six percent ABV. But the malt is not overpowering, and provides nice balance. As it warms, that grain provides a sweet backdrop to the Citra's tropical fruit flavors.

Baxter's Review

Craig made me sit next to a beer bottle to take a picture, so it must be football season! I got real excited when he offered me a taste of his beverage. It was welcome after that bath I had to endure a few days ago. End baths now.

What will you be having as the Cougs take on Portland State?