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This hype video for WSU football will never - NEVER - be topped

You’re just going to want to set this on loop.

In case you were wondering what the most Wazzu thing ever was ... well, the internet has found it.

Occasionally, WSU lives up to its stereotypes. This hype video from the early 1990s was presumably meant to convince fans to buy tickets for WSU football, but I’m pretty sure its actual effect was to confirm to the rest of the world that we are, in fact, all country bumpkins at Washington State University.

No matter. From the country-stylized WSU fight song being sung by a mulleted country singer in the middle of a wheat field to Ron Childs crushing people to Bobo Brayton and Mike Price sharing a flatbed while people dance in the streets to the best version of Butch T. Cougar there every was, this is totally awesome.

UCLA is coming to Pullman tomorrow. BRING YOUR FRIENDS!