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This is the football drill I think I'd least likely want to do

Seriously, this looks painfully exhausting.

Playing football is not for the physically or mentally weak, both of which are a big reason why I was such a terrible football player in my younger years.

I flashed back to that a little bit when I saw this tweet from linebackers coach Ken Wilson, showing a clip of what he calls the "Cougar Attack Drill," which looks like the most exhausting, least fun drill ever invented:

In case you're wondering, that's redshirt freshman walk-on linebacker Tristan Brock trying to fight his way through redshirt junior starting middle linebacker Peyton Pelluer (twice), senior potential starting weakside linebacker Aaron Porter, and redshirt sophomore backup middle linebacker Chandler Leniu.

So, not only does the drill itself look pretty much like the worst thing ever, this is a second-year walk-on fighting through a trio of third- and fourth-year players, at least one of whom is going to start in the fall.

Respect, Mr. Brock.