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WSU football Spring Game: Baxter's Beer for Crimson vs. Gray

Baxter is back with a beer for the best fake football game of the year.

Hello, WSU fans. It's been a while for Baxter, who took the basketball team's lead and went on holiday for the season. But with all the excitement around the Cougar gridiron, he figured it was time to dust off his beer reviewing skills and step it up for Team Crimson vs. Team Gray.

What has Baxter been doing over the winter, you ask? Well, he hates the rain, so he's not pleased with the outside. He's played some ball, went to his vacation home in Yakima a few times, and hiked in the snow on White Pass, plus the other day he chewed on a bone from strip steak. Overall, a pretty solid Dog Winter.

As for today's fake football game, Baxter recommended that Nuss and I swing through Ellensburg as a nice stopping point on the drive from the South Sound to Spokane. In Ellensburg is Iron Horse Brewery, which employs at least one friendly Cougar alum marketer. Iron Horse is most famous for its near-ubiquitous-in-Washington-State Quilter's Irish Death.

Irish Death sounds like a stout, but it is not. It looks like a porter, but it isn't one. It's actually a smooth, dark, potent (nearly 8 percent) ale. Many call it "dangerous", because it is quite easy to down a few without even batting an eye.

We stopped by Iron Horse's production facility to say a "Go Cougs" and we picked up some merchandise that we'd love to share with you if you are at Joe Albi today. We'll have the CougCenter tailgate fired up around 11 am, come say Hi. I regret to say that Baxter did not make the drive.

Craig's review: Irish Death has a mild roastiness, and a nice sweetness that is balanced well and finishes easy. It's a sort of gateway beer for those who haven't had high-gravity stuff before, and certainly is a crowd pleaser. There's a reason you see it on tap lists in bars all over the place.

Baxter's Review: there's a ball on top of the beer there's a ball on top of the beer there's a ball on top of the beer please can I grab the ball on top of the beer please please please whatever I'll just wait until you look away and grab the ball

So, if you are Joe Albi, hopefully I see you today! If not, let us know what beer you will be enjoying for this April edition of Cougar Football Saturday.