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Luke Falk joins Dirt & Sprague on 1080 The Fan

The Cougar QB talks everything from social media to 2016 goals and his Heisman odds.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Washington State quarterback Luke Falk joined Dirt & Sprague on 1080 The Fan - a Portland-based radio station - on Thursday afternoon. In the 10:35 interview, Falk talks about everything from his lack of having a Twitter account to what it's like sitting in meetings with Mike Leach.

Falk was asked about his journey as a former walk-on to now one of the top quarterbacks in the country and when it became apparent to him that he was going to "stick around" for a while in Pullman.

"When I first got here that was always my goal and objective and I don't think it really changed at all. And then just as time carried on certain things happened and it just became more realistic and a lot of things fell my way. I had a lot of people supporting me along the way and I think everything happened at the right time for me."

His best answer during the interview came when asked what has been the weirdest response he's heard from Leach.

"I don't know if there's much stuff I can tell on-air but I can say one of his favorite phrases. If I miss a guy who's wide open he'll go, "Oh, he's so open I could punt it to him." That he always tells me. "What do I need you for if I can punt it to him?""

The full interview can be heard here.