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What is your dream home-and-home matchup for WSU

Washington State's 2026 and 2029 football schedules are already beginning to take shape after the Cougars announced they had scheduled Kansas State for a home-and-home matchup a decade down the road. The Wildcats join the Wisconsin Badgers on the future home-and-home slate with the Cougars set to play Wisconsin in 2022 and 2023.

There is significant question whether these games will actually ever happen. Home-and-home matchups WSU has booked tend to have a way of getting altered as the games get closer. Will they happen? Maybe. But, it would hardly be a surprise if it doesn't happen.

Fortunately that isn't the question we're asking today. Instead of wondering what games will or will not happen, let's focus on what your dream home-and-home matchup would be. Any school. They are forced to come to Pullman and the Cougars return the trip. For this exercise let's remove finances from the equation. It's just a straight home-for-home.

This could be an opportunity to book a matchup with a historically great team. You could book a rematch of the 1931 Rose Bowl and schedule Alabama. Or any other number of traditionally elite college teams.

This could also be an opportunity to book a fun trip. You could get to see WSU play in a unique college football setting they might not otherwise venture to.

WSU vs. _______, who are you picking?



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