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Preparation is in full swing for the 2016 WSU football season

While the players are busy working out, get yourself ready with this tremendous hype video.

With about five weeks to go until WSU football opens up fall camp in Lewiston, I’ve come to the conclusion that watching an excellent hype video is one of the best ways to both pass the time and build anticipation.

Enter Gabe Storment, who produced the video above. It’s pretty dang great.

The video focuses on the preparation for the 2016 season, and if you follow any of the coaches or players on Twitter or Instagram, you know how much work goes into that.

Strength coach Jason Loscalzo is a particularly great follow in that regard. In addition to a plethora of motivational sayings, he’ll often post video of the players working out:

Looooooong gone are the days where players show up to camp in August to get in shape. This team has been getting after it since the last season ended in order to do everything possible to realize its goals in 2016.