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Mobile users in particular will love the changes.

In a move that had been needed for some time, WSU athletics unveiled a new look for today, and it’s pretty great!

Most of the changes are in presentation. Visually, things just look a lot cleaner vs. the old, cluttered layout that was the byproduct of layering features over the course of time. However, that’s probably not the thing you’re going to find most important.

If you had ever visited on your mobile device, you were greeted with a disaster that was barely usable. Now, the site is fully responsive to whichever device you happen to be using (as CougCenter is and most sites are nowadays).

There are other subtle changes — some are visual, others are functional; this isn’t an exhaustive list, but as someone who spends a significant amount of time looking for info on, these are the things I have noticed about the desktop version:

  • It’s still largely menu driven at the top - the menus just look a lot nicer!
  • The schedule feature on the left is great. The Pac-12 Network tab is cool, too — it’s specific to WSU-related content.
  • On the news carousel, you’ll see a box to the right that links to pertinent info for the sport at hand:
  • The schedule pages are cleaner and much easier to find information. They also have a handy subscription tool at the top if you want to import a particular team’s schedule into your calendar of choice. (This was an option before, but it was really, really hard to find the link.)
  • On the roster, there’s a place where you can click and it will show stories related to that player. Additionally, the player’s bio page now has up-to-date season and career stats. (I’m really excited about this development.)

The mobile version of the site features all of these things, but in a format you can actually read and use as you scroll down:

While the redesign isn’t anything revolutionary, it’s definitely an excellent step forward for the school to increase engagement with fans. And I suspect that was the primary purpose.

The site redesign was done by SIDEARM Sports, which signed a multi-year agreement to proved a unified platform for the entire conference.