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How should Washington State schedule the non-conference

College football scheduling is basically just a giant mess. To the point it almost amazes me that 128 teams are able to create full schedules with how the system is. WSU's non-conference slate has seemingly been in a state of confirmed chaos for the last decade. There are usually games on the books, including several home-and-homes, but a lot of those games never come to fruition.

A lot goes into the process. Even more now with the way the college football playoff is structured. But, for a second, let's forget about the other teams in college football. If you were in charge at WSU, how would you structure the schedule. Do you want to see big time matchups against power conference teams? Do you want to build -- or re-kindle -- longstanding rivalries? Do you want to schedule three state directional schools to try to get off to a good start?

At one point in recent time, I was in favor of WSU scheduling anyone it thought it could beat. Now, I'd like to see some sort of A-B-B matchup. One premium matchup and two very good each year.

But, let's go a step beyond it. If you could pick three non-conference opponents for next season, who would you pick?


Move to FCS would benefit Idaho-Washington State rivalry |
While the move down might sting for Idaho, it would benefit not just the athletic program, which has already joined the Big Sky in every other sport, but also the 122-year-old rivalry. The classic rivalry between the two closest teams in college football – in terms of distance – might not have seen much action since the Cougars and Vandals became FBS counterparts, but with Idaho as an FCS team, the idea of them opening every season together is a realistic possibility.

ESPN says October will be Oregon football's toughest stretch - Addicted To Quack
This year, however, that tough stretch could come a little earlier. According to ESPN, Oregon's toughest part of their 2016 schedule will be in October. Over a span of three weeks, the Ducks will travel to Washington State, face Washington at home and then face Cal on the road.

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