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A look at the role of college football strength coaches

WSU Athletic Communications

If you've followed college football close enough in recent years, you may have noticed increased attention on the strength and conditioning. That starts with the coaches who are becoming hot commodities around the sport.

It used to be the only thing most people knew about the strength coach is he was the craziest person on the coaching staff. Now, those coaches are standing in a bigger spotlight. There is more attention paid to their roles and the strength coach might be among the most important hire any head coach makes. The New York Times took a deeper dive into the position, the role and the growing importance. Gabe Marks and WSU S&C coach Jason Loscalzo are both quoted in it.

Loscalzo's contribution was especially interesting. He talks about how much bigger the role is than just getting the players in shape.

"We actually probably coach attitude, body language, responsibility, things like that, more than the actual strength and conditioning portion of it," said Jason Loscalzo, Washington State's head strength and conditioning coach. "Those things, if you don't have that foundation, it doesn't matter how strong the players get or how good shape they're in."

Recruiting may be the key to success in college football, but having a good strength coach is quickly rising up the list of importance.



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