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WSU football fall camp bingo

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Washington State completed its second practice of fall camp on Sunday and thus far things appear to be going just like things always go. There is a certain rhythm to fall camp where a lot happens, but not a lot changes from year-to-year.

Just like in any other sport, the preseason storylines tend to repeat themselves. Players are stronger than ever, but also lean and got faster. There is really strong leadership who have righted any of the previous longs. A freshman or two are already showing they are better than their recruiting ranking. The senior who hasn't done much during his career is finally getting his shot to play.

While WSU has similar story lines to many other schools, those schools don't have Mike Leach. Leach is known to have his own sayings that he leans on. Everyone is happy and healthy. This player is the most _____ Leach has ever coached. And many more.

That is only getting us started. There are many more. As a group we can easily come up with a full list and enjoy the rest of fall camp by playing bingo. Let's gather up as many squares as we have and we'll play some daily bingo in the HCA threads.

What squares make your WSU fall camp bingo card?



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