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WSU could win back its territory this weekend

Beating Arizona would do more than just notch another W in the win column — it’d give the Cougs back all the land they lost to Cal in Week 6.

The internet is full of ridiculous things. Some of them are great, ridiculous things, like this College Football Imperialism Map by Reddit user nbingham196, which is way too much fun to track throughout the weeks.

The gist of it is this; Each FBS team starts out the season with all the counties that are closest to their University. That is their territory. Each week, a team can either gain or lose their territory to their opponent. If you beat a team, you get all the land that team had occupied before the game.

Starting off with six straight wins gave the Washington State Cougars a pretty large territory.

Reddit - nbingham196

You can see how the map has changed throughout the weeks this season by following this link. Losing to the California Golden Bears meant WSU surrendered all its land to them, and beating the Colorado Buffaloes didn’t win anything back, since the Buffs had just recently beaten the Oregon State Beavers — who didn’t occupy anything — and lost three in a row before that.

The Arizona Wildcats beat Cal the week after WSU lost to them.

Reddit - nbingham196


There isn’t any cross-over between ASU’s remaining opponents and WSU’s remaining opponents, so there’s no shot at unifying the Pacific Northwest.

The Cougs’ upcoming opponents:

Stanford Cardinal: Play Oregon State this week, which occupies nothing, so the Cardinal only have what’s in the Week 8 map up for grabs if the Cougs can win.

Utah Utes: Play Oregon, which occupies nothing, and then UCLA, which won nothing from Oregon last week and plays Washington this week, which also occupies nothing after losing it to ASU two weeks ago. So even if Utah wins its next two games, the Utes won’t gain more territory than they already have ... which is nothing.

This Saturday is the last shot the Cougs have to take some sizable territory before the Apple Cup.