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Luke Falk did something to his left hand, doesn’t want you to know about it

With the Holiday Bowl looming, WSU’s QB is happy and healthy!

Luke Falk is one of the toughest quarterbacks you’ll ever see play. Even though Mike Leach’s policy is to never publicly acknowledge injuries, it’s been clear to any fan who’s watched the WSU quarterback take lots of hits that he’s fought through a number of maladies to stay on the field over the past three seasons.

So, it’s no surprise that Falk apparently is dealing with another injury coming into the Holiday Bowl:

Later in the day, the Washington State Cougars visited a Navy ship — the USS Essex. I’m assuming one of the coaches got to Luke about the cast, because you’ll notice Falk has his hand strategically placed in the following Instagram story. We’re guessing the conversation went something like this:

“Luke — keep your hand in your pocket at all times.”

“No, seriously, don’t you dare ever take it out of your pocket.”

“I mean it. NEVER.”

As for whether this will have any actual impact on the game? I doubt it; Falk has had issues with his left hand before (you might remember he wore a splint on that hand for a significant portion of last season), and while it might cause a problem for someone who has to line up under center, Falk shouldn’t have any issues catching shotgun snaps.