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Congrats, Jets fans, on signing Gabe Marks

Gabe Marks is smart and hilarious and you’re going to love him, Jets fans (and media).

NCAA Football: Arizona at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

After going undrafted, Gabe Marks, scholar, opinionated observer, record-breaking wide receiver from Washington State has signed with the New York Jets.

He caught all of the footballs, hauled in all of the touchdowns and shattered all of the records. Gabe Marks is the greatest receiver to ever play football at Washington State.

His stats were bonkers — 316 receptions, 3,453 receiving yards, and 37 touchdowns over four seasons, setting school records all three categories — but somehow, despite endless accolades, it was the way he carried himself off the field that made him a fan favorite.

His mix of wittiness and genius is often laughed off in interviews, but there’s a method to Marks’ madness. He’s not digging for chuckles and YouTube clicks, rather speaking what he believes. He says the things we all think, but aren’t brave enough to say. That should play well in the biggest media market in country.

He called UCLA douchey.

Football Guy thinks Gabe Marks should stick to sports. Gabe Marks doesn’t really care what Football Guy thinks — but he’ll politely explain to Football Guy why he doesn’t care and casually destroy his soul in the process. That’s the beauty of Marks, really.

He wants the ball on every play, but he’s not your typical, outspoken, greedy wide receiver. He’s confident, but he’s always been a team-first player. He wants to win, plain and simple. And he’ll work his ass off to makes he does his part to make that happen.

Gabe Marks is the coolest human being to ever rock the crimson and gray. He helped put Washington State football back on the map and he made it look so easy, routinely making catches that seemed impossible. Gabe Marks was a gift to Washington State.

Our loss is your gain, Jets fans and New York sports media. Go Cougs.