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VIDEO: Breaking down WSU football’s receiving corps in 2017

Is Tavares Martin Jr. ready to step into the leading role?

Gabe Marks and River Cracraft are gone, and with them go a boatload of catches and yards accumulated as Luke Falk’s favorite targets over the past two seasons. What’s left in their wake are a whole bunch of questions.

The guys left behind are undoubtedly intriguing talents, but outside of Tavares Martin Jr. — who I’m incredibly confident is all set to take the mantle of outside receiver stud in 2017 — it’s either a large mass of potential (Isaiah Johnson-Mack, Dezmon Patmon, Easop Winston, Jamire Calvin) or guys who so far in their careers have been solid, but not spectacular (Robert Lewis, Kyle Sweet).

They’ll certainly benefit from having Luke Falk throw to them, but the real issue is whether they’ll be good enough as a group to allow Falk to be as good as he can be — things looked pretty sketchy last season after Cracraft hit the sidelines with a season-ending knee injury.

I talked about this and more with Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV. You can watch us yack about it in the video above.