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Great (and not so great) moments in WSU vs. Montana State history

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Cougs have had their way with the Bobcats

Montana State v Minnesota Photo by: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Hello. This weekly feature will take a look back at previous match-ups with WSU’s opponent. This week: the Montana State Bobcats.

The Cougs and Bobcats don’t have a deep history, which tends to happen for non-conference foes. You’ll be glad to know WSU holds an 8-0 all-time record against the Bobcats.

(The media guide doesn’t list the 2001 game, so when you read 7-0 this week, that's why.)

This initial installment is light on both highlights and lowlights, but we found some interesting tidbits.

Let’s take a look back at some notable games, with a nod to the more recent ones.

September 11, 2010
WSU 23 MSU 22

A one-point victory over an FCS team? Coug fans would KILL for that nowadays!

In all seriousness, this game—despite being a victory—wasn't all that great.

It came in week 2 in a season that would see the Cougs ultimately go 2-10. This was Paul Wulff’s third season as head coach, and they were actually down 22-7 heading into the fourth quarter.

Yes, it took a 16-point rally to defeat an FCS team. Only a Nico Grasu field goal in the final minutes sealed the victory.

What a time.

September 21, 2002
WSU 45 MSU 28

If you were to look at that score, you’d see that it was mostly a blowout and then move on.

But the Cougs were forced to use three quarterbacks that day due to injuries—first to Jason Gesser and then to Matt Kegel (were those guys ever not hurt?). Chris Hurd stepped in to play QB in the fourth quarter, and I can’t say I even remember a Chris Hurd.

WSU was even trailing 7-3 after one quarter, so this one took a bit to start humming.

Jermaine Green and Devard Darling had big days.

October 18, 2001
WSU 53 MSU 28

This game is notable because it was hastily scheduled during the season due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It came only five days after WSU won at Stanford and was played on a Thursday night. Not a lot of prep time, but it didn't matter.

WSU was scheduled to play Colorado on Sept. 15, and MSU was scheduled to travel to Oregon State for a game on the same day. Those games were cancelled and WSU and MSU agreed to play on Oct. 18.

Running back John Tippins scored four touchdowns in the win. Four!

Other Notable Games:

These ones are worthy of inclusion simply for the fact that they can be found on YouTube:

November 16, 1985:

September 3, 1983 (played at Spokane’s Albi Stadium):

September 12, 1981 (also played at Spokane’s Albi Stadium):