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WSU fall camp roundup: Mike Leach is finally mad

It was Day 6, and coach was not pleased with his backup offensive linemen.

We noted in our roundup yesterday that this fall camp had been interesting for Mike Leach’s relatively cheery demeanor. That ended yesterday, on Day 6, when he voiced his displeasure with the backup offensive linemen.

“I thought our first group was good and I thought our second group was awful,” Leach said. “So, we’ll probably make some changes with the second group. Put some other guys up there because we’re not entirely getting what we’d like out of that second group.”

And what would you like to see out of them?

“Well, today, block. I didn’t feel like they blocked. By definition, they’re supposed to block.”

In case you’re wondering, that second group consists of (LT-RT) Liam Ryan, Cedric Bigge-Duren, Noah Osur-Myers, Robert Valencia and Josh Watson.

Personally, I think things probably are going about as well as you can expect them to when it takes until Day 6 for something to highly irritate a man who is generally irritable as a coach, and for that thing to be the backup offensive linemen. (It’s also worth remembering that outside of his years as a head coach, Leach spent the bulk of his career coaching offensive linemen.)

Continuing as “limited” participants in practice were Marcellus Pippins and Nnamdi Oguayo, whose playing time went to Marcus Strong and Derek Moore. Dylan Hanser was a new addition to the “limited” group, being replaced by Frankie Luvu.

Practice Clips

Tavares Martin Jr. continues to be filthy.

As does Jamire Calvin:

Preeeeeety sure that’s PI:

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