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VIDEO: Mike Leach joins Roy Manning to celebrate WSU’s win over Boise State

It’s as awesome and awkward as you’d expect.

It didn’t take long after the Washington State Cougars completed their incredible three-touchdown comeback victory over the Boise State Broncos for fans to take to Twitter and request the latest installment of coach Roy Manning’s celebration videos.

And once again, he delivered ... but with a special guest!

Manning starts with his typical fire: “Let’s go baby! You know I was gonna bring it to you tonight! Coach Manning! Hey — it ain’t over ‘til it’s over baby! It takes four quarters! Four quarters to win a footb- ... well, actually, it takes five or six to win a ballgame! And we’re gonna take it!”

(Note: I’m still laughing about that.)

Eventually, Manning gets around to the surprise: Mike Leach.


Leach, desperately trying to meet Manning’s energy level at 12:40 a.m.: “All right, if everybody’s got the energy Roy Manning does ALL THE TIME, all the time four full quarters, we’ll get done earlier. But we got done late tonight ...”


“... Great team win, great energy tonight, great everybody, and great ... coach ... Manning.”

Yep. It was great. TICK TICK BOOM! Go Cougs!