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Air quality will be good enough for WSU vs. Boise State

With wildfires raging all over the Northwest, the smoke has finally cleared enough for the game to be played.

Wild Fire In Southern Utah Forces Evacuations
This is not Pullman, nor Spokane, nor anywhere in Washington. It is merely an illustration.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

All week, WSU officials were keeping an eye on the air quality in Pullman to see if it would be sufficient to play tonight’s game between the Washington State Cougars and Boise State Broncos.

The air in Pullman still isn’t great, but it’s now plenty low enough to pose no problem for kickoff:

Earlier in the week, because of wildfires that raged around the Northwest, the air quality in Pullman was so poor — over 180 on the AQI — that WSU moved its practices indoors for a series of days. It was questionable as to whether the air would clear enough to play WSU vs. Boise State as scheduled. Many wondered if the Cougs would have to enact a contingency plan that involved taking the game across the border to play in the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho.

However, as predicted, some weather materialized on Friday that allowed a significant percentage of the particles that were floating in the air to go ahead and move on out.