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WSU launches Gardner Minshew’s Heisman Trophy campaign

It’s ... understated so far.

Utah v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

With each passing week and each passing win and each passing touchdown, Washington State Cougars quarterback Gardner Minshew II has been gathering grassroots hype for the Heisman Trophy. Lots of fans have been wondering when the school would formally make a push for Minshew, and there were rumblings that something was in the works.

It appears we finally have ... well, something, I guess: “Minshew For Heisman” Twitter and Instagram pages.

So far, the campaign consists of two tweets. First:

And then a few hours later:

Perhaps it’s going to be part of a larger, coordinated campaign that’s being revealed piece by piece. Or ... maybe it’s not:

If there’s not a bunch more, it seems like a real missed opportunity for an athletic department that doesn’t always do the best job capitalizing on excellent opportunities for capitalization. Beyond the fact that’s uncommon for WSU to have a Heisman candidate — the only Heisman finalist in WSU’s history is Ryan Leaf in 1997 — Minshew is a marketer’s dream: He’s telegenic, well spoken, humble and ...

That mustache.

Anyway, here’s to hoping there’s more. It would be a real shame to not take this season as far as it can possibly go.

UPDATE: There’s also this!