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WSU drops to No. 13 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

A New Year’s Six bowl is now looking pretty bleak.

Washington v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Following a two-touchdown loss in a snowstorm in the Apple Cup to the then-No. 16 Washington Huskies, the College Football Playoff committee saw fit to drop the 10-2 Washington State Cougars behind a quartet of three-loss teams — all the way to No. 13, making the path to a New Year’s Six bowl exceptionally hard, if not impossible, for WSU.

Here’s how the rankings now look:

In order to be selected for a New Year’s Six bowl — such as the Fiesta Bowl — WSU will need a few things to happen. First and second, they need to get into the top 12 and need no bids to NY6 games from teams outside the top 12. The first thing is going to be very difficult without the second occurring. To start with, none of the three-loss teams in front of WSU have any games left; then, there’s this:

Here’s about the only scenario that likely gives WSU a chance to get into a NY6:

Given that this all hinges on the committee moving WSU up a spot without them or anyone around them playing, the entire scenario seems pretty unlikely.

(Also: If you’re wondering about the UCF Knights in their conference championship — that has zero impact. The highest ranked Group of 5 team is going to the NY6 no matter where it is ranked.)

Which means you might want to start pricing out those flights to San Antonio, Texas, for the Alamo Bowl. Given where this season started, it’s hard to be disappointed with the Pac-12’s No. 2 bowl. But, here we are. Sigh.