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What was your favorite WSU football win of the past four years?

There are lots to choose from! We’ve got our thoughts, and we want to hear yours.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State
Gardner Minshew, hanging out after beating Oregon.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Cougars have had periods of success over their history, and there’s an argument to be made that the last four years have been the most successful ever. No, there’s no conference championship and Rose Bowl appearance, but Mike Leach has piled up the most wins — 37 — over any four-year period in school history.

In order to promote season ticket sales, WSU spliced clips of all 37 wins together ... in 37 seconds.

Watching the video is really fun, trying to remember each of the games. Every once in a while, one catches your eye where you remember, “Oh yeah — that was ______.”

Which got us thinking about our favorite games over that stretch.

Mine — as I suspect it will be for many of you — was the Gameday win over the Oregon Ducks. For me, much of that has to do with deciding the week before to travel over for the whole deal, which included attending Gameday (at 5 a.m.) and then finished with the perfect ending (clobbering Oregon). The good feelings of that day that I personally experienced from start to finish just overwhelm anything else, in my mind.

Close to that, though, is the 2017 win over the Boise State Broncos, led by WSU’s own comeback kid, Tyler Hilinski. That game was absolutely bonkers, and while so many things had to go right to make it happen, it was Tyler’s play in relief of Luke Falk that made it possible. I’m glad he had that moment, and I’m glad his family has it, too.

Here are some others:

Kevin Dudley: “My favorite win of the last four seasons is still the 2015 game at UCLA. The Bruins were a bunch of jerks and dammit if we didn’t drive down the field for the winning score. The win at home against Stanford in 2017 up there for me too. My dad got to attend with me. Frankie Luvu’s interception at the end was such a great feeling.”

Michael Preston: “2017 USC Trojans for me. Down early, take lead, Jamal Morrow doing the ‘V’ at the USC band, Jahad Woods strip sack. Also, 2018 Arizona just because that first half was hilarious fun. Arizona State Sun Devils in 2016? Gets an honorable mention because of Robert Taylor and I think that’s when Graham got all pissed at Leach about the bunker comment.”

Craig Powers: “This year against the Stanford Cardinal is definitely up there. Oregon GameDay or USC 2017 just because the crowds were insane and I wish it was like that all the time. Oregon was the best day. The absolute best day. Nothing can touch that. The game was pretty great too. Going up 27-0, then the emotional release in the stadium on the Patmon TD. Also Boobie with an all-time great TD run and Max making Dye cry.”

PJ Kendall: “USC 2017 and 2018 Oregon because I was there, obviously. Aside from the awesomeness of the day, Oregon 2018 stands out because I had to pull some strings just to be allowed to go, then I was probably 10 minutes from not making it due to aircraft maintenance issues, then sleeping for maybe 5 hours in two nights, ending with a 3:45 a.m. wake up to catch my flight back AND GOT TO TALK TO TIM BRANDO.

“Favorite road game is probably Stanford 2016. We felt kinda cursed after 2015, then went down there and beat the piss out of them. That game felt like the turning point after such a crappy start.”

Jesse Cassino: “Rutgers 2015 and Oregon 2015. Clutch wins when it would have been really easy to fold the tent after the previous week. I think that’s when we really started to see the mental toughness that Leach engenders become visible. Also, probably because I wasn’t there and in the moment, but GameDay Oregon had a vibe of ‘PLEASE DON’T BLOW THIS PLEASE DON’T BLOW THIS’ for like 90% of the day and game. USC 2017 tops it for me just for pure 2:15 a.m. joy and nearly punching my ceiling fan after Jahad burgled Sam Darnold.”

What’s yours?