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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Gage Gubrud threw at practice, and we were there to see it

Jeff’s in Pullman, and the first thing he did was take in spring practice. Here’s what he saw.

If you were looking forward to more Nerdball discussion or Ultra Liberal Politics Talk, you’re going to be sorely disappointed this week by Podcast Vs. Everyone. Instead, we’ve got something unusual: Actual first-hand reporting on football!

Jeff is in Pullman working on a few stories, and the first thing he did — after heading up to The Bookie to buy some rain-proofing supplies (more on that in a minute) — was drop by the Washington State Cougars’ spring practice to check it out.

Among the things he discovered? Grad transfer Gage Gubrud participated substantially for the first time, throwing the ball a whole bunch — and looking good doing it. And Kassidy Woods looks excellent at inside receiver. You’ll have to listen to hear the rest!

Oh, and here’s that rain:

Shortly after practice, Jeff went out to the Zzu for Taco Tuesday with a former student. Unbeknownst to him, this was happening downtown:

I made it back to my hotel safe and sound. Hopefully DJ Goldfinger was able to get home in the same fashion. We’re not sure what happened to this guy:

Show rundown:

  • Beer: Since Jeff’s in Pullman, he’s drinking a fine selection from Paradise Creek Brewery. Craig, meanwhile, went for an IPA from Reuben’s Brews.
  • WSU: Jeff survived the rain! Lots of first-hand observations from Rogers Field and Martin Stadium.
  • NCAA tournament: That was a hella fun championship game. Offense wins! (No, really — Virginia’s offense won the game and is why the Cavaliers are so damn good.)
  • Mariners: Since we’re both Seattle fans, we had to discuss this crazy start, even if it will eventually blow up in all of our faces.
  • Parenting: Baby Bea is obviously destined to be a basketball star. Jeff discuses the ethics of paying his kids for rebounds.

Fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time.

You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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By the way, everything turned out ok with the water. Here’s what downtown looks like now.